Post-digital design. Auto-costruzione per la rigenerazione dello spazio pubblico

Paolo Cascone

8 Maggio 2017, ore 17,00
Aula Piazza Santa Croce - Complesso di Santa Chiara - Alghero

Giovanni Maciocco - Professore Emerito DADU-UNISS
Interventi di:
Silvia Serreli - Professore Associato DADU-UNISS
Antonello Marotta - Vice coordinatore dottorato Architettura e Ambiente DADU-UNISS
Domenico D’Orsogna - Professore Ordinario GIURISS-UNISS

Paolo Cascone born in italy (1976) and grew up between west Indies and east Africa graduated in architecture in Naples and started his research between advanced design, digital fabrication and self-construction during his master at the architectural association (London- UK) in sustainable design and continued it while accomplishing a PhD in environmental engineering at the university of Rome. In the past few years paolo has developed interdisciplinary projects with international firms and built case studies between europe and africa in the field of environmental parametric design, digital fabrication and smart construction. He has been teaching as associate professor at the ENSA paris / malaquais and at the ecole speciale d’architecture of paris where he founded COdesignLab. paolo has been lecturing in schools o architecture around the world such as sciarc - los angeles, etsam - madrid, rensselaer polytechnic - new york, aho - oslo, insa - strasbourg, TU berlin, ETHZ zurich, IUAV – venice, UEL, UGent etc. and is now involved in teaching and research at the Milan polytechnic. in year 2013 he founded the Urban Fabrication Laboratory specialised in urban ecologies and digital fabrication. in 2014 has participated to both biennale of marrakech and dakar with the a rican fabbers project in 2015 his work has been exhibited he XXIst triennale di milano international exhibition (XX1T), entitled 21st century. design after design. In the 2016 Paolo won with UFL a grant of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for implementing the African Fabbes School in Camerun in partnership with the COE ngo. Such project is now shown at the Architekturmuseum of the TU Munich (Germany) in the frame of the international exhibition “FLOW OF FORMS - FORMS OF FLOW. Design histories between Africa and Europe”. Paolo has been scientific director of the Open Design School Workshop of the Matera 2019 – European Capital of Culture. his work has been published on international reviews such as architecture d’aujourd hui, mark, domus, abitare, a+u, l’Arca, ICON design etc.